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Definition Essays on Friendship

The main purpose for writing a definition essay is to enable a writer develop a thought, organize it and stay in the same topic as far as that topic is concerned. The approach a writer takes when writing is up to him/her. Many writers find it hard writing good definition essays mainly because it is one of the few topics that allow them give out some information on their personal lives but, with the below brief guidelines, you will be able to write good definition essays on friendship without having any problems with opening up and at the same time be able to retain some of the memories you wish not disclose to others about friendship:
  • Be conversant with the definition of the term friendship i.e., try not to just use the dictionary definitions to avoid sounding uninteresting and pedantic.
  • Make sure that you have collected understandable and sufficient information on friendship.
  • Make sure that your essays have got a touch of personality by adding personal memorabilia/information and anecdotes.
Definition essays on friendship that have got uneven and hazy abstract ramblings and details only manage to make the essay unreadable and incomprehensible.
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Ways to define the term friendship on your definition essays on friendship
When looking for a good definition of friendship; one that does not necessarily sound like it was copy pasted from a dictionary; you can use one of three ways. The first way is to analyze. Since the topic is friendship, then the various types of friendship can be individually explained.
The next way is to compare the subject matter to another thing. This will make the term more lucid especially to your readers. For instance, you can compare friendship to love which will bring out a more clear definition of friendship.
The last way is to use details. By giving your readers internal and physical attributes, traditional thoughts and conceptual background on friendship will make the essay more apparent to those that read your essay. The topic on friendship is a wide one and at times getting the origin can prove to be daunting. But, trying to actually find the origin will add more interest to the definition essays on friendship you are writing.
Writing good definition essays allows the readers get into your line of thought and actually see friendship as you do. Definition essays also give you a rare opportunity to add some poignant, amusing and personal touch to your essay thus allowing the essay be memorable to your readers.

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